Nepal is an agricultural country. Agriculture is the most important sector in terms of income and employment generation Agricultural sector accounts for about 27 percent of national GDP. About 67 percent of total population derive it’s livelihood from agriculture and unallied activities. Agriculture Inputs Corporation (AIC) was established in 1965 as a public sector enterprise to procure and distribute high quality and improved agricultural inputs (fertilizers, seeds, agro-chemicals and implements) at a reasonable price across the country. Initially, AIC was named Agriculture Supply Corporation (ASC) before it was merged with the Food Management Committee under the new outfit, Agriculture Marketing Corporation (AMC). AMC dealt with both agricultural inputs and food grains for about two years. In 1974 the government decided to split AMC into AIC for the management of agricultural inputs and Nepal Food Corporation for the marketing of agricultural produce. On May 8, 2002 government converted AIC into Krishi Samagri Company Ltd. (KSCL) and National Seed Company Ltd. under Company Act 1997 as a state owned enterprises. AICL has been assigned by the government to procure and distribute fertilizers across the country. As Nepal does not have indigenous production of mineral fertilizers, demand for fertilizers is met through importation. The government has retained hundred percent equity of AICL and intends to divest it to the private and cooperative sector in the near future. In a major policy decision to boost agricultural production and to ensure smooth supply of mineral fertilizers, the Government of Nepal has decided to reintroduce subsidy on mineral and organic fertilizers on March 25, 2009. AICL has been entrusted with the procurement and distribution of subsidized fertilizers across the country....[Read More]

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